Restoring the Lompico Pool

In response to several community members requesting that the Lompico Pool be considered for restoration the LCC has done extensive research and the possibility is an ongoing discussion at Board Meetings.

The LCC first contacted the County Water Resource Division who said they have no regulations over creeks or restoring the pool - explaining that Fish & Wildlife was entirely responsible. Further they suggested speaking with Mt. Herman who has a similar setup to the restoration we are proposing.

Speaking next with Mt Hermon, it was suggested first to meet with the Streambed Alteration Division of Fish & Wildlife who would then send out a biologist. After that the LCC would need to make any necessary repairs or alterations as specified and turn in an application ($600). According to Mt Hermon consultants will likely be required for the necessary reports (cost unknown).

From there a biologist needs to be hired to be present at filling and emptying of the pool and for weekly water testing. The LCC has a short list of a few potential biologists currently. The pool would only be allowed June 15 - Oct 1 and conditions of approval with Fish & Wildlife would need to be met annually. Mt Herman explained that their pool costs approximately $15k annually to maintain.

Update September 2018:

The LCC next met with Fish & Wildlife in Lompico Park. Fish & Wildlife confirmed that a biologist was needed upon fill / emptying of the pool and weekly water testing. The most important things for the fish are water temperature and means of traveling for the fish. Fish & Wildlife explained that a 6" fish ladder was required with proper outflow to proceed with the restoration of the pool. We are estimating approximately $20k will be necessary to restore and open the pool along with a steady LCC income of at least $1600 a month. With the current annual LCC income rarely going over $2k we would need drastically different funding opportunities to actualize the restoration.

Update Aug 2019: We have had quite a lot of community interest in restoring the Lompico Pool and are considering starting to crowdfund for this project. The LCC would love to hear thoughts from the community please email us at with your ideas and preferences!

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